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The Free-standing, Anchor-free, Skid-Based Telecom Mast is the award-winning, next-level innovation in portable Masts. The FAST MAST is available two configurations, namely, the Telescopic and Rigid.

It replaces the conventional vehicle- integrated Cell-on-wheels. The Skid Based Mast is integrated on a steel base-frame, packaged with all requisite peripheral equipment, in a compact configuration. The Skid has its own hydraulic lifting system to enable easy, self-loading on temporarily hired cargo trucks, for transportation to sites. The Skid Based Mast is a ‘free-standing’ structure that does not require any elaborate, reinforced civil foundation. It is provided with special polymer concrete support pads for supporting it on the ground, designed for distributing the loads as per medium soil bearing capacity. The SBM is installed safely & efficiently with use of PLC based semi-automated procedures.



  • No Civil Foundation Required
  • Quick, Safe & Easy Installations
  • No Crane required for loading / unloading from the Cargo Vehicle
  • Supports Multi – Operator Payloads
  • PLC Controlled Safe, Sequential Operations
  • No Crane required for loading / unloading from the Cargo Vehicle


  • No Civil Foundation Required

For deployment on ground, the Skid Based Mast is just freely placed on a leveled and hard ground. It does not require intensive civil foundation The Platform rests on the ground through an arrangement of height-adjustable screw jacks & specially designed polymer-concrete support pads.

  • Integrated Ballast for Stabiltiy

The stability of the Mast configuration is achieved by strategically providing concrete ballast (counterweight) in the steel base platform and in its out-rigger arms.


  • Integrated Guy Rope Anchoring 

The Mast structure is supported for its structural rigidity, with the use of steel guy wire ropes, which are connected to its own platform base and not to counter-weights on adjacent ground. This contains the foot-print size of the Mast, to only the size of the Skid and its extended outriggers.

  • Integrated Lifting-Loading System 

For transportation from one location to another, the Mast structure can be easily and quickly loaded into a cargo vehicle with the use of its own unique, integrated, hydraulic lifting & loading system.                                     

The advantages are:

i) There is no need for using any additional external equipment like cranes to lift and load the Mast on a cargo vehicle.

ii) There is no need for permanently integrating the Mast system with a vehicle chassis or a trailer.


List of Ready Models