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The Skid-Based Rigid Mast is yet another first from KED; combining the simplicity of a Ground-based Tower and the flexibility of a Portable Tower. This mast is a modular, non-telescopic mast built on a steel-base frame, block-by-block. It is most suitable for deployments requiring a lesser degree of portability.

Like the Skid-Based Telescopic Mast, the Skid-Based Rigid Mast is a ‘free-standing’ structure that does not require any elaborate, RCC civil foundation. It is provided with special polymer concrete load bearing pads for distributing the loads to the ground and supporting the Mast by providing consistent requisite ground reactions.

Product Highlights

  • Quick & easy installation – within a few days.
  • Integrated ballast for stability.
  • Integrated guy rope anchoring.
  • Long Service Life of 25+ years.
  • Space on the Base-skid for mounting DGs and BTS Cabinets
  • Safe, Work Platform at antennae level
  • UV GRADE Conduits. (Optional)
  • Lightning Arrester with cabling and bus bar (Optional)
  • Fall arrestor Cable. (Optional)
  • Security Fencing. (Optional)
  • Solar Modules with Structure. (Optional)
  • Remote monitoring functions. (Optional)
  • Easy-to-Install Modular Structure

Skid-Based Rigid Masts are modular in construction, and are supplied in SKD (Semi-knocked Down) or CKD (Completely Knocked Down) forms. Installation is by an ‘Installation Rig’ supplied separately or by a mobile crane, depending on your timelines.


  • No Civil Foundation Required

For deployment on ground, the Skid Based Mast is just freely placed on a leveled and hard ground. It does not require intensive civil foundation The Platform rests on the ground through an arrangement of height-adjustable screw jacks & specially designed polymer-concrete support pads.


  • Compact Footprint: Requires a Small Land Area for Installation

Skid-based Telescopic Masts have the unique combination of a steel structure supported by guy ropes, designed to provide structural rigidity as well as stability. The guy ropes are designed to withstand reactionary loads, being connected from the mast structure to the compact base itself; thereby also keeping the footprint small. The base of the mast also provides for mounting and interconnecting other aggregates such as BTS Cabinets and DG Sets within its compact dimensional limits.

  • Can be deployed for a few days or a few decades:

Concrete support pads ensure that the Skid Based Mast can be safely used long-term, in all weather conditions, while easy installation makes it ideal for short-term use as well




List of Ready Models