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Trailer / Vehicle-based MastsCELL ON WHEELS

Cell on Wheels (COWs) are most suitable for deployment in areas mandating trailer-based masts, such as defence establishments and cantonment areas. Cell On Wheel towers provide a very high-degree of portability, convenience and ease of telecommunications operations.

The Kotkar range of COWs includes a variety of masts, ranging from 15m to 40m, and payloads capacities of 1 operator to 3 operators.


  • No Special Permits Required:

KED COWs are based on ARAI approved Commercial Semi-Trailers, and as such require no special permissions to operate on roads. Commercially-available prime movers can be hired for transportation.

  • Quick & easy deployment:

The installation of KED COWs is controlled by a PLC Control Panel and an array of proximity sensors, as well as safety inter-locks to ensure semi-automated, sequential and safe operations. Antennae payload can be mounted on the mast while it’s horizontal, thereby reducing time, energy and resources.

  • Enhanced safety in all aspects: 

Kotkar brand COWs are built with a host of safety features, such as:

    • Fall arrester systems to ensure the safety of technicians while working at heights
    • Mechanical interlocks to secure the mast in erected and retracted positions
    • Electronic Overload Relays
      Irreversible gear boxes, and electro-magnetic motor brakes
      Dual-redundant wire ropes for additional safety
  • Durability: 

The complete trailer and tower segments are hot dip galvanised, with teflon-coated, non-maintenance bushes for pivots. In addition, various mast sub-systems are designed to be virtually maintenance-free.


  • Mounted on semi-trailer
  • Heights: 15m to 60m AGL
  • Tower Construction: Lattice-type, angular segmented, telescopic mast
  • Survival wind speeds: Ranging up to 210 kms/hr
  • Payload Capacity (Kg.): upto 650 Kg.
  • Payload Capacity (EPA): upto 12 sq.m
  • Electro-mechanical winches
  • Lightning Protection System
  • Insulated shelters with Dual Redundant Air Conditioning Systems
  • Provision for mounting diesel generators & external fuel tanks
  • Storage boxes for tools & accessories

Customized COWs for Middle East Applications: 

  • Telescopic / Rigid Versions available
  • Specially designed COWs for deployments in UAE & KSA
  • Designed and Engineered as per TIA 222 H
  • Raw Materials and Fasteners compliant to various relevant ASTM and / or BS Standards
  • Fabrication techniques as per AWS Standards
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Structures as per ASTM A123
  • Eco-system of local manufacturers in KSA and UAE for service & support
List of Ready Models