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Splice Van for Broadband Cable Laying Companies

Kotkar Energy Dynamics Pvt Ltd has been customizing, modifying and adapting automobiles for specific applications to meet end-user needs over several years. KED has built ambulances, mobile service vans and customized touring vehicles.

Background and Application

The advent of mobile telephony and technology convergence brought in new activity-related operations like laying of broadband Optic Fiber Cables. During these operations of putting OFC network in place, the cables need to be spliced and joined at various junctions. Splicing and joining cables is precise and requires temperature controlled, dust-free surroundings with no vibration. Thus a portable / mobile cabin that can be carried to site for convenient operations was in serious demand. The most logical solution was building a 'Splice Van' - a vehicle with a dust free and temperature controlled container / compartment carrying the necessary equipment and other well laid-out furnishings.

The customer can choose his own vehicle, which is usually a Van or SUV type, modified for the mobile cable laying and maintenance operation and an air-conditioner fitted for temperature control, making it dust-free too.


The modification and customizing is thorough starting with specifications, studying even small end user needs in specific work situations. Every minute detail of accessories and gadgets that serve to enhance efficiency is evaluated and built into design. While utility is important, aesthetics is never sacrificed. From paint to finish every small nicety is brought to bear.


Customized Air - conditioner
A dual powered air-conditioner runs on the vehicle engine while it is plying and on an independent electric motor powered by a portable generator, when vehicle is stationary for splicing work being done. The vehicle engine mode is utilized for comfort of personnel while they are traveling; and the motor mode is employed at site for dust-free splicing operation under controlled temperature. This is to prevent vibration on the vehicle body, which would otherwise be very high if vehicle engine is used to drive the AC.

Special Consideration

  • Insulation of splicing compartment for preventing heat influx
  • Selection of AC components for capacity
  • Prevent undue component failures and refrigerant leakage
  • Minimal, easy maintenance

Special Features

  • Thermometer
  • Thermostatic Control
  • Control panel with indicators

Customized Furnishings
Comfortable seating and worktable arrangement give an ergonomic work environment. Worktable in combination with a storage cabinet provide for convenient positioning of splicing equipment and materials. Strategic illumination and electrical service points ease operations.

Special Consideration

  • Strong tubular construction with strategic mountings
  • Innovative design for optimal space usage
  • Check on weight with uniform distribution
  • Appropriate material and work surfaces
  • Aesthetics

Special Features

  • Harness belts for securing equipment and materials
  • Exterior power sockets with latched coverlid
  • Earthing to protect from shock hazards