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Automotive Service Equipment

Your shop floor efficiency so much depends on the tools and equipment that are used. KED manufactures a range of garage equipment from variety of lifts to mechanics' tool trolleys. The lifts can be customized to meet specific design requirement. Even the trolleys are state of the art with castor wheels, handles, and locking facility.

Kotkar Auto Service Lifts

Kotkar Auto Service Lift is patented automobile service lift with features as portability, quick installation, multiple utility, quick-lifting, ergonomic working postures, no downtime, no-power requirement, no-maintenance, no-operative cost etc.

Two versions have evolved as Kotkar Workstation' and 'Kotkar Wet Service Lift'
Kotkar Work Station for maintenance-repairs, reception bay inspection, wheel alignment, pre-delivery inspection, quick-lubrication, quick repairs, body repairs etc.
Kotkar Wet Service Lift for wet servicing.

Electro-Hydraulic Scissors Lifts

  • Vertical vehicle transfer
  • Placement of vehicles.

Special Tool Trolleys and other accessories
Equipment like ergonomic 'Work-Mate' Tool trolleys, turntables, slide - slip tables, handling trolleys, workbenches, Multi purpose winch, Gearbox trolley Crib, Engine Handling trolley, Insta-lift-jacks, Work stools, Step Ladder, Accessories Rack Stand, Under Carriage Inspection Light System, etc is manufactured for enhancing efficiency on shop floors.

Car Recovery Trucks

Automobile, Car Recovery Trailers, Caravans