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Vehicle Customization Services

KED has built ambulances, mobile service vans, entertainment vehicles, bakery vans with sales counters, splice vans for laying broadband FOC. KED also can also do air-conditioning and refrigeration of automobiles thus giving a total customizing solution for the customer.

Bakery Van

Specialty Vehicles, Ambulances, Mobile - Clinics, Workshops, Service, Recreation, Incubator Vans, Mobile Office, Caravans, Mobile Telescopic Ladder, Van and Bus Furnishings, Upholstery

The basic vehicle chassis is standard for a make - model combination. The other add-on features, fittings, accessories, equipment differ which characterize the use and application of the vehicle. The manufacturer may not build vehicles for specific applications but build standard chassis, which need to be fitted with add-ons. KED does the customizing, adaptation, modification to bring the bare vehicle into desired application. The homologation is the term used for the specific make-model being made suitable for specific use. That determines if the vehicle would be called an ambulance or a service van or mobile office or caravan. KED with its expertise and technical capabilities can turn out the best final product.