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End to EndDesign & Engineering Services - Concept to Delivery

KED’s core strength is its innovative approach and design expertise, enriched with decades of practical, hands-on experience and backed by a capable team and strong in-house design infrastructure. As such, KED can create unique solutions to very specific requirements, quickly and precisely.


We offer end-to-end design & engineering services, covering:


  • Product Development

  • Product Optimization (Materials & Processes)

  • Virtual Product Testing and Validation

KED'sCenter for Excellence in Design

Lightweight monopole-type mast systems, ideally suitable for extreme-forward deployments.

Expert Designers guided by SMEs:

  • Dedicated Team of 10 Qualified Engineers – Designers with an eye for detail.
  • Trained and Qualified Team, proficient with various CAD Platforms
  • Well-versed with and practitioners of Design Principles, DFMEA, DFM, DFA, etc.
  • In-depth understanding of various Indian & International Engineering Codes & Standards
  • Intensive collaboration and co-working with Production Teams to ensure ‘First-Time Right’ Designs.

Design & Engineering Infrastructure:

  • Highly Powerful CAD & CAE Work Stations
  • Software Licenses with Timely AMCs in Place
  • Design Data Management Systems
  • Dedicated Secure Design Servers & Firewalls to ensure Data Privacy & Security.
  • High Resolution Projectors for Design Demonstrations and Visualizations

Design & Engineering Capabilities:

  • Product Development – Concept to Production Drawings
  • Design Optimization for Materials and Processes
  • Solid Modelling
  • Surface Modelling
  • Complex Mechanical Assemblies
  • Mechanized / Static Structural Design
  • Machine Design
  • Design of Jigs, Fixtures, Tools & Dies
  • Design of Production Lines

Design & Engineering Services Portfolio

I. Value Analysis Project – AreaMax footing:

  • KEDPL developed special steel-polymer concrete load-bearing members, that reduce the Soil Bearing Capacity requirements to as low as 50 kN/sq. m.
  • It is made up of a pre-cast slabs therefore, no extra site preparation time is required, except the time required for levelling the ground and laying of aggregates.
  • Users can take land on rent for very small durations as there is no permanent structure required to be constructed on the rented land.
  • Frequent movement of the COW is possible.
  • As it is modular in construction, the varying SBC requirement at the site can be adjusted by only increasing or decreasing the number of Precast composite slabs. 
  • This gives the User, higher degree of flexibility for deployment of the same COW on any site having any SBC values.
  • It is easy to handle, requiring very little the time and therefore, cost for COW installation.
  • It reduces the foundation requirement for a soil having SBC above 100 kN/m2.

II. S. P. M. – Tilt Cylinder Handling Fixture:

  • The ‘Tilt Cylinder Handling Trolley (HCHT)’ is a handling system, used to assist in the assembling/dismantling of Tilt Cylinder onto/from the Trailer, during the Maintenance period.

  • The ‘Tilt Cylinder Handling trolleys is designed to be able to carry a Hydraulic Cylinder of 2500 kg weight.

  • The system consists of a combination of two mobile Trolleys and Rail assembly.

  • The cantilever lifting action of trolleys is achieved by use of motorized lead screw arrangement, which is controlled by hand hold Control Pendant.