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KED’s founders have been passionate promoters of the Defence Services, even before the inception of the company.

From 1981, the first International Year of the Physically Challenged, Surendra Kotkar initiated the work for physically afflicted Ex-Army Personnel, for ease of mobility, by installing small gasoline-powered engines on their manually operated tricycles. Gradually, retro-fitment solutions were created on two-wheelers and four wheeler cars, leading to a new invention – the ‘Hand Operated Driving Controls’ that enabled them to drive manual geared cars, solely with their hands.

Today, KED’s interactions with the defence sector have expanded manifold. KED has developed a range of Lightweight Tactical Mast Systems for defence applications and also provided turnkey solutions to local army establishments, viz. 512 ABW, and 2nd Coy, Signals Regiment.

Tactical Masts

Lightweight monopole-type mast systems, ideally suitable for extreme-forward deployments.

Product Features:

  • Lightweight masts that are man-portable
    Mechanically / pneumatically operated masts available.
  • Manual / motorized operations
  • Guy-supported structures with a compact installation footprint
  • Quick transport & erection
  • No civil foundation required: Anchored to the ground by means of spikes
    Spring-loaded studs for positive locking

Product Range:

  • Heights: 6m to 18m
  • Wind Speeds: 33m/s to 50m/s.
  • Payload Capacity: 10 to 60 Kg.
  • Payload Capacity: 0.2 sq.m to 1.5 sq.m
  • Surface treatment: Powder Coating / Anodizing
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Past Projects

I. Skid-based mast for testing special-purpose antennae

  • The client: A solution offered to L&T Defence
  • Their need: A testing platform for evaluation of their omni-drectional Yagi Antennae
  • KED’s Solution:
    One of KED’s existing mast designs was customized to safely accommodate the special purpose antennae.

A comprehensive virtual FEA analysis was performed to ensure stability of the mast at operational and survival wind speeds, after mounting of the special antennae
The mast was delivered to the customer in record time, with service support at the site by KED’s dedicated Customer Support team.

II. Communications Van for 2nd Coy. Signals Regiment 

  • The Client: 2nd Coy, Signals Regiment, Indian Army
  • Their Need: A mobile communications station for their operations
  • KED’s Solution:
    A solution was created based on the Ashok Leyland Stallion – a vehicle used extensively by the Armed Forces
    The solution was designed to be a modular, expandable communications shelter with space for operators, communication equipment – Antennae / Radio sets, and Diesel Generators, mountable on the vehicle chassis

III. Air-conditioning Solutions for BMP 2 Armoured Fighting Vehicle

  • The client: 512 Army Base Workshop
  • Their need: Rectification of problems with a foreign built AC system installed in BMP2 armoured vehicles
  • KED’s Solution:
    Heat load ingressing the vehicle was reduced by internally insulating the vehicle
    Cooling requirements were calculated scientifically and the respective AC System aggregates were selected after factoring an adequate safety factor, ruggedness requirements, and various other compliances.
    A custom-designed, integrated AC System was installed on the vehicle, which solved all previously observed issues, to achieve our motto – ‘Customer Delight’!